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Covid rules update @Wolfboro
by posted 04/15/2021

Players and Parents


I just received a call from the coordinator from Abenaki Youth Lacrosse. They have a much more aggressive stance on covid than others the key items:

1) Players must wear a mask 100% of time including while playing. Please be aware mouth guards attached to the face mask will not work. Kindly, be prepared.

2) They stress social distance and mask wearing for parents


Each club has the right to enforce its own rules in excess of NHYLA rules, they have chosen to do so. Let's make sure we do everything possible to accommodate our hosts




Coach Chris 

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Wolfboro this weekend
by posted 04/15/2021

Parents and Players


This weekends game is at Wolfboro and it starts at noon on Sunday. Please arrive and be prepared to begin warm ups  at 11:15. We again are using this time to stretch and align the players for the game. We have over 20 players and this just takes extra time to get ready. Thanks in advance!


The game is a " The Nick" in Wolfboro. I cant find a physical adress on the Abenaki websight. But, I thru the nick into google maps and it pulled up quickly


Thanks and see you all Sunday

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